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DescriptionAice is a non-profit entrepreneurial association which, for over 60 years, has been working to promote business relations between Italy and the rest of the world. Aice represents Italian companies that are committed predominantly to commercial activities abroad: trading, export, import, countertrade, buying-offices, exportmanagement, small and medium enterprises, etc; as well as the services related to such activities. Thanks to years of accrued experience and its consistently up-to-date organizational structure, Aice is a strategic gateway for foreign companies interested in either exporting their products to Italy, or importing Italian products. Aice supports foreign companies interested in the Italian market by assisting them with the search for potential Italian business partners, (suppliers, buyers, distributors, agents and so on), offering a consolidated wealth of professionalism, contacts andknowledge. In addition to being a member of the Unione del Commercio del Turismo e dei Servizi della Provincia di Milano (Union of Trade, Tourism and Services in the Province of Milan), and Confcommercio (Italian Confederation of Trade Tourism and Services), Aice is a member of CITHA (Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations).
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