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building a strong presence in Japan

Akoni is built around an international team with passion and deep understanding of both Japanese and Western business and culture. With a broad base of clients that spreads from blue chip companies to start-ups, we help you create a solid network with local businesses in Japan. Approach and relationship matters.

In many regards Japan can be quite different from any other market. We work hard to make your products and services successful here. We look at your product and find the best positioning for it in a competitive market that rewards quality of service and reliability. Tailoring IT and marketing solutions for your business.

start quickly, move fast … according to your needs

We take your brand by hand from its first steps in Japan. With bilingual marketing, distribution and media planning services accompanied by IT, software and design localization intelligence. With Akoni you have direct access to a wide array of IT, Marketing and Promotional services in Japan.

Our incremental business entry plan makes it easy to focus on exactly what you are looking for, either if you are a world wide brand or a small start-up willing to rock in Japan, still the indisputable capital of Asia.

keep growing

We offer support along the way, always on the lookout for opportunities to keep your business growing day after day. Imagine discovering new connections and media exposure opportunities also after your project is rolled out.

Akoni is one of the first official and certified Facebook Small and Medium Business (SMB) Facebook Advertisement Resellers in Japan. Akoni is also an associate member of the European Business Council (EBC) in Tokyo.

Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2009
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    Business Offer

    Business & IT Consulting for EU SMEs in Japan

    Business & IT Consulting for EU SMEs in Japan