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Brand owned by Erbacci Group
My Best Italy

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02:00 pm - 06:30 pm
DescriptionMy Best Italy is a new brand owned by Erbacci Group. We are a travel agency that is promoting Italy starting from three main activities: Food&Wine, Sport and Art. Erbacci Group has been founded in 1955 so we would like to offer our expertise, technologies and know-how in order to build a wonderful experience in Italy.
Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size51-100
Founding Year1955
Areas of Activities


    Business Offer

    Tourist Activities and Packages to discover Italy from the inside point of view

    The aim of “My best Italy” is to express the history and the experience of the Erbacci Group and to make it useful for people visiting Italy, our wonderful homeland.

    In few words, “My Best Italy” is respect for people and passion for our country and traditions.
    The offer we have built comes from the passion for our land and from the desire to share it with everyone. Our land is full of traditions that can be easily experienced.

    Our three main goals are:
    1.Nature and land;
    2.Welcoming and good Italian cuisine;
    3.Creativity and passion.

    To achieve these goals we have been searching for the most trustworthy partners who can build with us a valuable offer to match tourists' needs.

    Our mission and vision are stated and clear: we want to offer to our customers a never-ending, unique and exciting experience in Italy.

    Keywords: Sustainable TourismItalyPassionSportArt & CultureExperienceFood & WineActivitiesPackages
    Cooperation Offered
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