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Oca Sforzesca S.r.l.

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DescriptionOca Sforzesca S.r.l., which is based in Vigevano, is the first and unique Italian company specialized in the production of traditional goose products 100% Italian geese, respecting techniques developed in past centuries. All the products offered by Oca Sforzesca S.r.l. have been Halal certified, according to Islamic criteria, by the Italian certification organization Halal Italia. The Oca Sforzesca’s production chain approach is useful to manage each step better, beginning from the breeding all the way to the end product. Our common strategy and special procedures ensure long lasting and increased food safety. The firm Oca Sforzesca combines modern technology and know-how, with past experience in each process of the system; has a fully integrated and innovative chain treceability and product traceability; pays great attention to ensure the microbiological quality of our traditional goose products as a further guarantee to our customers. All the our goose meat comes from one area (Pavia) in the Lombardia region (north of Italy) which is free from Avian Influenza. This country's breeding is such that contamination is virtually impossible. Then our goose meat is free of antibiotics and pesticides when slaughtered. The geese are slaughtered when they weigh about 6 kg. The goose meat has got a fat content less then 8% and a uniform red color. Within 72 hours from the slaughtering all the goose meat reaches the factory under vacuum into a pallet box with a temperature below 4,5 °C in top microbiological condition. All the products are made by hand according to a traditional recipe passed down from father to son for three generations, this ensures traditional tastes and flavors. All our products are made with Cervia's sweet sea salt. This salt is free of additives as Potassium ferrocyanide (E 536). We pay great attention to ensure the microbiological quality of our traditional goose products as a further guarantee to our customers. Now we handle, process and test our own products in our own laboratory, which is registered in the Lombardia region and accredited ISO 17025. Castellano (Cooked goose meat), Convivio (Traditional goose salami), Gioviale (Cooked goose sausage), Goliardo (Cooked goose salami), Morbida (Soft cured breast of goose), and Regina (Cured breast of goose) are the primary example of the firm’s line of production.
Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2012
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing

    Business Offer

    Italian goose salami

    We can offer the best Italian goose production as: Cooked goose ham, Cured goose salami, Cooked goose sausage, Cooked goose salami, Soft cured goose breast for cooking, Cured smoked goose breast and Goose Bresaola.
    We use only Italian low body fat goose from our goose production chain.

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