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DescriptionFerraro-Emporio di Sicilia is a young company established by the Ferraro brothers in 2013. It arises from the combination of a passion for good food and a deep connection with their land. The idea of bringing together into a single brand the excellence of some Hyblaean food manufacturers, many of them still unknown outside the Sicilian territory, has led to the creation of Ferraro- Emporio di Sicilia, a name that is intended to represent the identity of a territory: the Hyblaean Mountains and Sicily in general. The aim is to introduce a new and almost hidden Sicily, that of the small farmers whose production process is still untouched by industrial progress, as related to production techniques and traditional crafts.
Organization Type SMEs
Founding Year2013
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing

    Business Offer

    Sicilian food

    Sales and distribution of typical Sicilian products:
    Modica Chocolate, Giarratana Nougat, Cream Liqueur, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spices, Jam and Sweet Cream, Pesto sauces and pates, Appetizers and side dishes.

    Keywords: foodsicilyliqueuroilspicejamsweetpestochocolatenougatitalian
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