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Coppini Arte Olearia Aziende Agricole: 70 years of Olive Oil Family Production

t.o.p. – Traceability and Origin of the Product

In order to affirm clearly and transparently the true origin of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  in 1988 the project t.o.p. – Traceability Origin of Product was born. The core part of this project is the Identity Card on each bottle. Every Company’s step since 1988 is mainly committed to t.o.p., which represents the Company’s identity and the certified product excellence. t.o.p. is also the result of the strict internal  disciplinary followed by our Quality Control.

Now the project t.o.p. – Traceability Origin of Product is a the strongest core of Coppini Arte Olearia and shares with the DOP and IGP world the purpose of promoting transparency and certain and certified quality.


For each harvest we can guarantee our Customers our  t.o.p. Extra Virgin Olive Oils thanks to:

·         The Pilot Oil Mill that, through continuous research, allows the improvement of the quality and techniques of pressure.

·         Production units, traceability, picking and pressing in Abruzzo, Apulia and Sicily

·         The Association of The “gli Olivicoltori d’Italia”, a consortium born in 2002 consisting of 3000 Olive Growers, another project of our Company! The organization system is similar to the world of tomato: all the olive growers have to grow and pick olives according to the strict rules of our agronomists; then these olives have to be pressed inside their own oil mills or in others  managed by our company.

·         The Identity Card on the labels since 1992 (anticipating the current European law) stating every not compulsory information concerning EVOO: Olive Tree Varieties, picking year, picking and extraction systems, sensory features, scent and flavor.

·         The Cold extraction, reported since 2005 with a system of drills along the whole production line connected to a software which captures, controls and tracks the extraction temperature.

·         The Certification of Traceability of Production Chain by CSQA, a sort of map of the product that tracks all production steps from olive groves, to oil mills, till our customer’s table.

·         Many national and international awards and prizes.

·         The partnership with ALMA the International Cooking School led by Master Chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

·         70  years of experience.

The past and the future of Coppini Arte Olearia group are characterized by Tradition and, above all, Innovation!



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    Looking for high quality and gourmet food distributors/importers of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    We are looking for high quality and gourmet food distributors/importers of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Coppini Arte Olearia Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Traceability of the production chain

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