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DescriptionExcellent Italian Veal Guaranteed from Farm to Table The history of the Vercelli Group starts over 50 years ago, when the Vercelli brothers, Pietro and Vittorio, began to trade in fattening cattle on the Italian and foreign markets. Today the Group is market leader for scale of production and for the level of integration within the national supply chain, while it is still the family who provides the main support through its commitment and experience. Now that the new generation took over, brothers Alessandro and Gian Luca Vercelli carry on the family tradition and passion: excellence in the supply of Italian veal, guaranteed from the farm all the way to the table. The Vercelli Group is Italy's leading food producer and a European leader in modern farming and in the beef industry. The Vercelli Group is organised in farms working under a system of integration between the supply chain and the slaughter houses, thus gathering under the family management a wealth of resources and competences that meet the market standards of quality and safety, and the need for competitive prices and flexible supply. Committed to continuous development, the Group's aims are constant quality improvement and, alongside their long-established activities, the progressive introduction of innovative systems ranging from integrated logistics (managed by the company Vercelli Logistica s.r.l.) to the supply of renewable energies. The Group guarantees absolute quality through the exclusive commitment of specialised trades and of loyalty partners.
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Agro-food manufacturing

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    Excellent Italian Veal and Beef Guaranteed from Farm to Table

    Italian quality veal and beef: chilled and frozen products

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    Distributors, importers and retailers