lucio pistillo

sales manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02:00 pm - 06:30 pm

The cooperative Society of San Severo was born in 1933.The cellar develops on 2 production sites which extend fro more than 18000 square meters. It is equipped for the reception the processing and the marketing of 18 million kg of grapes. 4 million of these grapes are DOP and 4 million are IGP. The cellar produces and commercializes White rose and red DOP San Severo wine; IGP wines and among them noteworthy are NERO DI TROIA and Bombino Bianco and other differet wines labelled 'L'Antica Cantina.'



Organization Type Other
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year1933
Areas of Activities

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    Business Request

    entering new market and finding importers or distributers

    We want to sell our products to new distributors, entering new market and finding distributors and importers for our wine

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