Leonardo Piccinetti

Brussels Office Director

Bilateral Meetings

  • 02:00 pm - 06:30 pm
DescriptionREDINN is a European consulting company specialized in Innovation Consulting, Management Innovation and Innovation Strategy for researchers and SMEs. Our aim is to accelerate growth through innovation. We work in partnership with our clients in Italy and Europe to achieve sustainable results and implementing winning innovation strategies. REDINN is participating in several  H2020 projects ,

Blueprints for Smart Cities – BlueScities is a project funder under Horizon 2020 - Coordination & support action aims to develop the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP ‘Smart Cities and Communities’. The project focus is to identify synergies in accordance with Smart City ideology and compliment other priority areas such as energy, transport and ICT. It will seek to contribute to the achievement of the 20-20-20 objectives. The project consortium involves 12 partners from 9 countries including Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.


Cluster Development Med - ClusDev Med is new horizon 2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project. Priority topics are: food security, Energy, Water. 

ClusDev Med priority topics are, in particular: - Agribusiness, agro food, food security – Energy - Water.

 Core research areas is: Green Tech in the field of Clustering Activities.

 Programme: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014    Reference: 645730     

Info: http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/196630_en.html


Organization Type Clusters, SMEs
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2011
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing

    Creative industry


      European project

      We look for univerisities, Research Centres and Private Company interested in the european project field

      Keywords: consulting
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Other
      2. Investment/Financing
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Other
      2. Investment/Financing
      3. Technical co-operation
      4. Outsourcing co-operation
      Business Offer

      European Project consultancies

      European Project Consultancies especially in the H2020 field,
      Fundraising Consultancies,
      Business Developement and Strat up
      Networking activities